Monday, March 26, 2012

All of Oregon is on Display: Unwine'd Celebrate Oregon Wine

Governor John Kitzhaber declared May of 2012 to be "Oregon Wine Month," so it's appropriate to kick it off with an event on April 29th. Portland's Left Bank Annex will host a tasting event for Oregon wine unlike any other, showcasing one hundred wineries representing the variety of the state, from the Columbia Gorge's Phelps Creek Vineyards to the far reaches of Southern Oregon and Roxy Ann. Oregon wine is more than just Pinot Noir and it's more than just terroir driven perfection, it's a huge business for the state. The wine industry in Oregon is 13,500 jobs at 850 vineyards over 20,000 acres and 420 wineries. It's a big deal. It's a $2.7 billion dollar a year big deal.

What should be gleaned from all those numbers is that it's time for Oregon to not just embrace its wine industry but to celebrate it. So the Oregon Wine Board in cooperation with some fantastic partners is helping us do just that with the Unwine'd; Celebrate Oregon Wine event.

In addition to all the wine, more than a dozen restaurants from Portland, the Willamette Valley and Southwest Washington will be providing fantastic food to pair with your Pinot,Tempranillo, or Syrah. Many of the restaurants are also recognized by the Oregon Wine Board for their Superior Cellars, an award that acknowledges the support from local restaurants when it comes to having a significant amount of local wine on their lists.

The real goal of an event like Unwine'd, and a major mission of the Oregon Wine Board, is not world domination but rather to make Oregon wine the first choice of any wine drinker in Oregon. If Oregon residents are choosing, asking for and buying Oregon wine then the whole mission is a success. Wine geekery aside, there are so many wine drinkers close to home who don't know much about Oregon wine and certainly aren't aware of the wide variety of wines produced in the state. Unwine'd is an event that can not only provide great tasting entertainment but also a bit of wisdom. Two educational components include a Oregon Meets the World Pinot Noir tasting brought to you by our friends at IPNC and an Oregon white wine tasting. Oregon white wines like Riesling and Chardonnay are of a class of some of the best in the world and I urge to try as many as you can.  Tickets are $50 and come with a souvenir glass. Get them here.

Our recommendation to you is to take the time to Unwine'd on April 29th. We're one of the media sponsors for the event and we're excited to be partnering with the Oregon Wine Board. To that end you'll see a few things coming up here on the Anthem. First is a ticket giveaway. Check and like our Facebook page (here) all week where we'll be asking three Oregon wine related trivia questions. All correct answers will be entered into a random drawing, the contest ends at 7pm on the 30th of March 2012. Additionally for the next little while we'll be featuring Unwine'd Friday Find where our usual Friday Find will highlight a winery pouring at the event. Come Unwine'd in Portland everybody.


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