Saturday, June 13, 2015

Efeste and the Game of Rhones

There is plenty of wine in Westeros. The continent (or perhaps island, frankly I'm not sure) and its inhabitants do plenty of drinking. Particularly Tyrion Lannister, that guy can put it away.

The Game of Thrones, unless you've been living under a rock for the last five years, has captivated many of us, myself included, and I don't even own a television. The story of the Seven Kingdoms and the struggle for the Iron Throne is riveting, and ruthless. Leading characters are never sacred. Sunday nights without football are way more interesting, although the finale for Season 5 is nearly upon us.

Washington winery, Efeste has taken their Game of Rhones to an epic level as well. The winery has long been a stalwart of fine wine production in Washington since their founding in Woodinville nearly 10 years ago. Like the watchers on the wall they have stood guard over Woodinville's warehouse district protecting the state's reputation for quality wine with a focus on site specificity and broad shouldered, powerful wines. Winemaker Peter Devison can perhaps be likened to the young John Snow. Having come from the wilds of a place called Canada, to take his place at The Wall, continuing the tradition laid down by Brennan Leighton and Chris Upchurch before him.

In an effort to celebrate the Game of Thrones and their own commitment to the Game of Rhones Efeste invites you to celebrate the finale with your own Game of Rhones tasting party. They've done all the leg work for you. The kit comes with four great wines, two of them are highly limited and only available to wine club members, royal blood red velvet bags, that allow for a blind tasting and outstanding Game of Rhones wine tags. You can buy the kit here and guarantee that when it comes to the Iron Throne of party hosts, you reign supreme.

Instead of a struggle between the Seven Kingdoms for the Iron Throne, this is a pitched battle between four Rhone style wines expressing a specific sites and the outstanding potential for Rhone varietals in Washington. While the battle is sure to be long, in the end, we stand to be the winners.

2011Efeste Emmy Mourvèdre Blend
From the Kingdom Wahluke and the family Stonetree comes a wine that makes a case of the Iron Throne given it's iron, garrigue and stone aromatics.  The palate is full, weighty and forceful; driven by minerality, White pepper, iron and black fruits lead into a wine with a full, full finish. A powerful wine that proves the importance of terroir and the exquisite site that is Stonetree Vineyard. A balance between mineral focused terroir and ample oak influence. $wine club only

2012 Efeste Eleni, Syrah
The castle (chapel) of the Kingdom Red Willow stands before the great Mount Adams on the wine-growing edge of the Yakima Valley. It is here that Syrah was first forged in this kingdom of man. Brought from other lands by the family Sauer and the great and legendary Lake. Red Willow fruit is highly sought after in Washington and the Eleni makes it clear why. Aromas of pencil lead, blueberry and dried violets. The palate is substantive, layered and loaded with red fruits and ample acidity. $54 wine club only

2011 Efeste Ceidleigh, Syrah
A wine that blends three vineyards from the hallowed Kingdoms of Red Mountain. The Kingdom of Red Mountain might be Washington's most famous, as the home to the land's most famed wines. This Syrah is bold, full and boisterous. Aromas of crushed stone, fennel and blood. The palate fills up your mouth with iron, ripe bramble-berries and licorice. $39

2011 Efeste Jolie Bouche, Syrah 
From the a name that rings with Washington wine royalty and the Kingdom Boushey comes some of the most elegant and aromatic Syrah you'll find in Washington. Aromatics are funky, and signature Boushey, blue fruit, smoke, black licorice and olive. The funky aromas that Boushey Syrah has come to be known for are also accompanied by a savory elegance on the palate, Fruit, minerality and pretty acids make this a wine fit for a queen, even like a Dragon Queen. $39
These wines were provided as samples.

The battle for the Seven Kingdoms will go on past this season but the battle for your palate will likely be won over by one of these Rhone beauties. I'm partial to the Jolie Bouche but no matter your leanings the Game of Rhones is one worth playing. Pick up the kit and invite your friends over, and let the games begin.


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