Friday, November 09, 2012

Friday Find, November 9th

Each Friday we highlight a wine from the Northwest that we think is a real "find." By find we might mean that it's a steal, as all of these wines we'll feature weekly are at or under $20. We might also mean "Hey, you really need to go find this" and it might be a wine that we feel not enough people know about. In any case, with the weekend pending we're hoping to help you "find" a wine to kickoff the weekend right. We'll tell you a little bit about the wine and try to help you track it down here in the Northwest.

Life is short. Nothing teaches that truth more resoundingly than having children.

What's curious though is how we spend our lives. And by curious I mean, sorta depressing.  The average American spends 8 years in a car. Assuming a lifetime that ends sometime in our 70s, which is young nowadays. This is cumulative mind you, but 8 years. How's that for disgusting? 8 years behind the wheel or in the passenger seat, or in a carseat in the back. 8 years. Jeeessus.

We spend about a year and a half of our life in the bathroom.

We spend about 26 years sleeping. That seems like a lot, but the fact is we don't really have much of a choice, we can't not sleep. Even though Nas may have said, "I don't sleep cause sleep is the cousin of death." If we didn't sleep all of our other endeavors would be impossible, or at least far less enjoyable. At the very least, this is a good reason to invest in a nice mattress.

We'll spend more than a decade working, 10 years. That's a long time, too long but again for most of us it's a necessary evil.

How this for depressing, we spend on average 5  years waiting, that could be waiting in line, waiting on hold, 6 months of that is waiting at stop lights. We spend 1 year of our life looking for things we've lost or misplaced, and only 2 weeks of our cumulative life smooching and making out. This needs to be rectified.

*These statistics are from various sites mostly though which is British, so take it with a grain of salt. 

This week's Friday Find is a 2009 Red Wine from who I happen to think are the coolest cats in Woodinville. No offense to everyone else making wine over there. But Two Vintners is doing a lot of "outside of the box" kinds of things and winemaker Morgan Lee is a cool cat. The 2009 Make Haste Red Wine is a mystery wine in the fullest sense, you don't know what it is on the label and they aren't telling anyone. The aromatics of dusty red fruit, and the nice acidity/low alcohol relationship make this wine a bit of a gem at this price point. While a fair bit of American oak can be used to "luxuriate" a lower priced wine and while the oak influence here cannot be denied the acidity brings a finish and character to the wine that keeps the emphasis on the red fruit, as opposed to chocolate which can often be the result. For $14 you gotta try this. Hurry, the clock is ticking.  As the old saying goes, life is too short to drink bad wine. (I was able to track this wine down at Wine World Seattle and you might be able to still get it from Full Pull.)


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