Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Efeste Unleashes Wines for Winter

From guest blogger Lara Bain:

We’re experiencing one of those rare Seattle Septembers that feels like an Indian Summer. Leaves are holding onto their green hues and refusing to change until our Northwest skin can soak up a few last rays of sunshine. Fall hasn’t quite fallen yet, but EFESTE has enchanted us with their upcoming releases so much that we’re already looking forward to winter.

Last Wednesday, September 12, we were invited to attend EFESTE Unleashed – an intimate preview of upcoming releases Adrienne Chardonnay, Sauvage Sauvignon Blanc, and Nana Right Bank Bordeaux Blend. “Big Papa” might be front and center at the winery, but the women behind EFESTE command attention. Mother Helen Ferrelli and daughter Angela Taylor (co-owners along with their husbands) hosted our group and shared family history over bites and bottles. Favorite tale: When the family emigrated from Italy to Chicago, dinners were so large everyone was encouraged to bring their own silverware. The mother- daughter duo charmed us with their stories and conversation -- It’s no wonder that many of the EFESTE wines are named after EFESTE women.

Adrienne, in particular, is the lovely new Chardonnay companion to EFESTE’s reputable Lola. Named after two granddaughters with two different personalities, these whites exhibit their own unique characteristics. Adrienne’s richer flavor and lovely sweetness charmed us. Oak was more present than Lola when tasted side-by-side, but did not overwhelm. Lola and traditional Chardonnay lovers alike will revel in 2011 Adrienne, releasing in November 2012. The “Nana” Bordeaux blend complements EFESTE’s ”Big Papa” cabernet (named after her husband & owner Daniel Ferrelli). This complex and just-bottled blend features fruit from EFESTE’s estate vineyard. We look forward to the spring 2013 release of Nana in addition to Upright Merlot hitting the market (and hopefully wowing a certain Rex Pickett).

Our cool spring and warm August challenged EFESTE winemakers, where a transition is taking place with Brennon making a move to consultant) to continually taste the grapes for ripeness. According to them, this is a year based on flavors, not brix. We were treated to a behind-the-scenes look at Brennon Leighton, Peter Devison (Winemaker), and Ben Ferris (Asst. Winemaker) pressing Boushey Sauvignon Blanc grapes. As we tasted the 2011 Sauvage Sauv Blanc from Boushey (releasing Fall 2012). Wine waterfalls and sweet grape juice nectar make easing into fall more pleasurable. Throw in some home-cooked Italian food and we might hibernate in EFESTE’s beautiful Woodinville space for the winter. No doubt Nana and Papa would treat us like kings. Silverware included.


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