Friday, April 20, 2012

Unwine'd Friday Find, April 20

Each Friday we highlight a wine from the Northwest that we think is a real "find." By find we might mean that it's a steal, as all of these wines we'll feature weekly are under $20. We might also mean "Hey, you really need to go find this" and it might be a wine that we feel not enough people know about. In any case, with the weekend pending we're hoping to help you "find" a wine to kickoff the weekend right. We'll tell you a little bit about the wine and try to help you track it down here in the Northwest.

Today's Find is the last time we'll be bringing you the Unwine'd Friday Find, or an under $20 wine from one of the 100 Oregon wineries pouring at the Unwine'd Celebrate Oregon Wine event on April 29th. We gave away two pair of tickets and the word I hear is that the event is selling like hotcakes. (You can also buy tickets here.)

The Unwine'd event is Oregon's biggest consumer tasting event ever and will be hosted at the Left Bank Annex just across the bridge from downtown Portland on, believe it or not the left bank of the Willamette. The event will of course be about wine tasting, and not just Pinot Noir folks, but it offers guests an opportunity to explore the varied bounty of Oregon from the Walla Walla Valley, yes, in Oregon to the Rogue Valley at the state's southern end. In addition to the variety of wines, there will be food served up by some of the best culinarians that PDX and the Willamette Valley have to offer.

Unwine'd is not however just about Pinot or just about the Wilamette Valley, and so we head south for this week's Friday Find and the final Unwine'd Friday Find before the big event on April 29th.  Oregon's Rogue and Applegate Valleys can produce some very nice examples of Syrah, Zinfandel and Tempranillo as well as Viognier.  Today's Friday Find is a Rosé of Grenache and Syrah (or at least as best I can tell) from Quady North. (We'll be doing a lengthy feature on them in May.)

Herb Quady is the proprietor and winemaker at the namesake label Quady North but Herb has bounced around with winemaking stints at California's Bonnny Doon (as associate winemaker) as well as currently making wines at Troon Vineyard.  Making Quady North the only place he hasn't made wine that doesn't rhyme with loon.  The labels at Quady North might be the first thing to grab your attention and there's a good reason for it, they're colorful bright and bring to mind the classic imagery of old sailor tattoos. While the Spring weather has really been an exercise is torture lately, warm and sunny days appearing only for the drab grey weather to return, we're on the cusp of Rosé season.  In fact, I'm drinking Rosé just on principal.

The Rosé from Quady North is electric pink and has wide open floral aromatics right from the jump.  Done as a saignée this rose comes across with loads of melon, peach skin and a hint of fresh mint delivers you to the finish.  The acidity is perfect for pairing this wine with anything light but it will likely cut through the fatty grilled meats of summer as well.  For $13.50 you'd have to be ridiculous to pass on this find.  The Quady North wines are fairly readily available through out the PDX metro area check out Zupan's and New Seasons and get this Rosé before it's all gone.


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