Thursday, November 03, 2011

Back Away From The Cheap Wine....20 Something: The New Vintage

Ah, twenty-somethings. The world has so much to say about us, whether they're singing our praises for our earnest, do-gooder, over-achieving tendencies or bemoaning the fact that we can’t seem to grow up. In the world of wine, the sentiment is that we’re singlehandedly keeping Two Buck Chuck in business, that we’re not ready for the good stuff. Well, it’s time for the training wheels to come off. We’re young adults and it’s time to find something better to bring to that dinner party.

I know what you’re thinking: in this economy!? Not to worry - The Washington Wine Commission has you covered. Inexpensive wine doesn’t have to be “cheap,” especially not in a state that’s home to more than 700 wineries. What better way to introduce us to what Washington Wine has to offer than with one hell of a party? Enter 20 Something: The New Vintage, an annual event that encourages us to mix & mingle with the winemakers and our peers. You can trade memories of Disney Afternoon and Nickelodeon or swap info on must-hit Seattle hotspots as you check out 75 Washington wineries. Winemaker will be pouring bottles from $9 (that’s less than 3 lattes, people) to $60 for those looking to splurge a little. Most bottles fall in the sweet spot of $12-$25. Your affordable wine nights don’t need to come from a box, and you don’t need to be a wine snob to start having a good bottle of wine with your dinner.

As if tasting through 75 wineries weren't enough of a draw, some of Seattle’s finest food purveyors will be providing the bites to shepherd you through a night of tasting and dancing, including Brave Horse Tavern (I don’t think they’re bringing their shuffleboard, unfortunately), Tavern Law and The Yellow Leaf Cupcake Co. While a night of cruising through 75+ wines might have you thinking “Challenge: accepted!” the point is to taste, not to be toast. The fancy buckets sprinkled throughout are your cue that it’s hip to spit. You heard that right – you don’t need to finish every pour, and you’ll get a lot more variety if you don’t. With KEXP’s Darek Mazzone spinning tunes all night, you’ll want to stay coordinated enough to hit the dance floor…or dance stage, if last year is any indication.

So 20-somethings – take a break from the PBR, throw on something snazzy, and join me at Fremont Studios on November 19. Great music, networking, tasty bites, and most importantly, fantastic wine. This is a sell-out event , so get your tickets fast ($50 for one, or $90 a pair – find a friend!), line up your designated driver or cab, and get ready to see what Washington wine has to offer.


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